6 must-try traditional Arabic Dishes

Dubai is the crown jewel among all the cities in the world and the popularity of the city is not just confined to the contemporary lifestyle. In earlier times, this city was known as the land of pearls, and several divers have staked their lives in search of lucrative orbs.

Therefore making a living in Dubai has always been a profitable option. Gladly, the city offers countless living spaces to everyone, therefore finding apartments for sale in Dubai is not an arduous task.

Nowadays, Dubai is the heart of all kinds of energy, so be it seeking adventure, looking for business activity and mesmerizing sightseeing, the city offers all to all.

However, one thing that every visitor of Dubai cannot help praising is the food!

Dubai is a diverse city, not just in terms of ethnicities but also exotic flavours, spices and ingredients.

Since, we dedicate this blog to famous foods in Dubai, here is a brief list of the most traditional enjoyable meals in Dubai

Mouth melting stuffed camel

Although stuffed camel has the world record of being the largest food in the whole, it is considered as the most regal meal of the city.

This luxurious food is cooked on a huge open fire, and is loaded with eggs, fish, chicken, spices and sheep!

Dubai Shwarma

Nearly, everyone would agree that no form of food can beat Arabic shawarmas. This is especially true with shawarmas in Dubai.

To Middle easterners, shawarma is like a premium sandwich, which is stuffed spicy slow-roasted lamb or chicken. Combined with mouth-melting food elements, the roasted meat of shawarma is wrapped in Arabic ‘roti’ and served, with vegetables, pickles, garlic sauce and a lot more.

Although, one can enjoy Shwarma in many popular cities such as Tokyo, Moscow, Delhi and Newyork, but the shawarma experience that Dubai offers tops all.

Al Harees

It is safe to say that Al-Harees is a dish that requires endless labour of love and devotion. However, the ingredients required for the dish are rather super simple.

To make Al Harees, you just need some salt, meat, wheat and of course the heat!

Everything is added in a huge pot and subjected to constant stirring until a uniform and smooth consistency is achieved. Al Harees is such a uniform dish, that one can hardly know if any grains are added inside.

Dubai is a land of decadent spices and Al Harees is a simple dish that instantly greets every visitor in the city by offering a welcoming change of palette.


Nothing can serve your sweet tooth like Mehalabiya. It is made from rose water and dry fruits especially pistachios.

Mehalabiya tastes so good, that it is safe to say that in the desert of Dubai, this dessert is no less than an oasis i.e. peaceful, life-giving and healthy.

Since this dessert has a striking balance of sweet, it is quite a popular after-meal among locals and kids.


If you are searching for a dish that anyone can relish than Ghuzi should be the top of your list. Known as khuzi and ouzi, this dish is made from whole-roasted mutton or lamb. For convenience eating, it is served in kebab skewers with hazelnuts and vegetables adorned over rice.

It is not just a whole meal for people of all ages but is also considered as one of the most regal dishes in the city. Therefore, coming back from Dubai without ever trying Ghuzi is no less than a tragedy.


Since traditionally Arabics are in love with lamb meat, Matchbous is another spiced lamb dish.  Made from ripe, dried limes and saltwater, the lamb meat is gradually cooked with mouth-watering rice and succulent tomatoes. Among native Dubai, this dish is also known as Loomi.

Ideally, this dish is made from the unique combinations of cardamom, turmeric, cassia Barak and baharat and although,  many modern-day cooks have brought their versions of Matchbous, the original dish has a sharp but pleasantly unique flavour.

We have only described the 6 popular dishes you should eat in Dubai, but if we start talking about every must-try pf Dubai, the list would probably never end. So come here, stay in the city and start looking for villas for sale in Dubai.