Ali Ata – Impact of Modern Technology in The Real Estate Sector

Technology has entered every arena in life, and the real estate industry is no exception. Thanks to its advent, things are different for both sellers and buyers. Today, you find that most home buyers start their search online, and some of them use apps to be a part of this search. Most agents in the real estate sector use email marketing, social media, and other platforms that are driven by technology for communicating with their targeted audience in the market. These tech platforms are also deployed for reaching out to the local community too.

Ali Ata – How is technology making things easier for realtors?

Ali Ata is the AAIM Development owner and a leading name in the real estate sector in the USA. He is based in Lemont, IL, in the USA. He says that thanks to technology, both buyers and sellers are able to enjoy the advantages of smart home buying and selling trends. It means the use of technology that makes a living easier with automation techniques.

Better profits

He says that home automation coupled with technology has been deployed for boosting energy and comfort. Even smart home solutions are widely being used for security as well as the general convenience of the residents. When you have smart home technology, realtors are actually able to hike up the sales prices of their properties by at least three to five percent. This has been observed by the National Association of Home Builders and Consumer Electronics Association in the USA.

There have been surveys where it was discovered that around 81 percent of the people who currently reside in homes with smart technology say they are keener to buy homes with similar technologies.

The Internet of Things or IoT

He says that the Internet of Things or IoT is closely associated with the technology of smart homes. The IoT technology has smart home devices like Nest that control a home’s temperature settings that are paired with Alexa as an example.

Uniquely, there is an opportunity for realtors to deploy IoT in distinctive ways as well. For instance, they could use blue tooth devices in homes that are on sale. When there is a house for sale, a signal is transmitted to individuals in the area so that they can come forward with an offer if interested.

The Cloud and Big Data

Likewise, realtors can benefit from data management by using the cloud. They can keep all their business-critical data on the cloud and access it whenever needed. Big Data and technology like machine learning help realtors get instant details about the pricing of the property. They can quickly calculate the returns on investment with this technology as well.

Ali Ata says that the technology of virtual reality is not confined to games alone today. VR is now widely used in the real estate industry. It can take buyers and sellers much beyond property photographs to give them 3D views of properties. This is, in fact, one of the latest trends in the real estate industry, and it is fast catching on