Choice of custom or ready-made hair replacement systems

People who are losing their hair or thinning have 3 main ways of dealing with the problem. It is a surgical treatment in which the hair is transplanted from one area to another or the reduction of the scalp. Medicines or herbal treatments, including creams, lotions, and diet control, can stop hair loss and, in some cases, even regrow hair. The third option is to purchase a hair replacement system.

Most hair replacement systems don’t require surgery, so they may be more attractive to people who don’t want invasive surgery to treat hair loss. These systems also come in a variety of styles, materials and prices, however the more you pay, the better quality and more natural looking hair you will have. These systems were often the subject of jokes by comedians, as it was so obvious that a person was wearing an old-fashioned toupee, wig, or toupee; however, the modern hair replacement systems available on the market today are virtually undetectable

Depending on how much you have to spend, you will decide what kind of system you will get. A ready-made item will cost considerably less than the  toupee bespoke piece, however, the results should be better if you opt for the bespoke piece, as it will particularly fit your head. Ready-made hairpieces are still available in a variety of colors and materials, and prices can start from around $ 75 for a basic hairpiece to over $ 175. The best hair substitutes use Remy hair; This is real human hair which makes the pieces look more realistic and natural.

Bespoke hair replacement systems are much more expensive than the regular ready-to-wear system because the hair piece is tailored to your head, including the shape for a perfect fit. These systems always use the best quality materials, including Remy hair; however, they are not just the standard 4 inch length and can be lengthened or shortened depending on the style desired by the user.

Bespoke replacement systems can hold hair up to 20 inches depending on how long the user wishes, and can also be made to match all hair colors. All of this should be discussed with you when you decide to opt for a bespoke hair replacement system, although this is not cheap and can be expensive, the results usually speak for themselves and the bespoke system is practically inaudible.