How to make a wig look natural

There are few things a person can do to keep their synthetic wigs as natural as possible, but it does require some maintenance and a reality check. Synthetic wigs are not real hair, they are synthetic. You can make them look as natural as possible, but the reality is that they are not made of real human hair and over time the quality of the hair and fibers will change, making the hair look unnatural or synthetic.

The half-life of a synthetic wig worn daily is approximately three months. Like it or not, that’s a fact. You can keep the wig on longer, but who are we kidding? Your wig will begin to look like a wig. So, if you are one of those people who claims to have a synthetic wig that has lasted for a year, sadly you may be one of those people who think their hair is fabulous and it might as well be, but we can tell too. you wear a wig. The most common reason wigs stand out is that many customers stay longer than they should. Here are some things you can do to keep your wigs as natural as possible for as long as possible. 1) Please understand that the longevity of synthetic hair, as noted by wig manufacturers worldwide, is 90 days with washes every 6-8 uses. Please don’t be fooled into thinking your wig looks the same as when you took it out of the box 3-4 months ago. Simply no. We can say that you have a wig!

2) Know how to properly care for your wig. It is synthetic, which means you should only use a product designed for synthetic hair fibers. When wig stores sell wig kits, they sell them for a reason, but many customers want to save a dollar and avoid them. A wig cap will help keep the inside of the wig free from chafing and odors, and wig shampoos and wig glosses will combat any frizz or matting of the hair that tends to make it look “wavy”. This is very important after washing wigs as it should be sprayed with wig conditioner or buffed and left to dry for best results.

3) Be prepared to buy two wigs and not one. Too often, wig buyers buy a wig and wear it, then panic when the wig no longer looks natural and they need it fast. So it becomes a wig emergency, and often the wig may be out of stock, your favorite color may have been discontinued, etc. If you find a wig that suits you and that you like, buy two. Some wig stores will give you a discount if you buy more than one item. The advantage of having a second wig also called a “stock” wig is that you can easily design one wig for your wig at home and the other wig for your job or go out with a public wig. Depending on which one is used more or less, it offers the possibility of having one wig lying around that always looks fabulous because it is used less than the other. Having two wigs is also a great idea if you plan to wash your wing. Two wigs are a must and will keep you from ending up with an emergency wig. When your wigs start to look “wavy”, you immediately have another one to wear and no one notices the state of your hair.

4) Choose the correct color and keep it. If you don’t want everyone in the office to know you’re wearing a wig, don’t go from bleached blonde to red and then change your hair to brown for the next couple of months. Anyone knows that if you dye your hair this much, hd wigs  you won’t have it. The damage would be insurmountable. If you’re really worried that people find it’s not your hair, choose a color that comes closest to your natural hair color and learn how to maintain it. Additionally, buying more than one wig is a surefire way to ensure that even if the manufacturer breaks the color of your wig, you’ll still have a backup in place to give you time to find an alternative style in the same color or change. in full.

5) Comb or brush your wig as you would your own hair and position the wig on your head to match your hairline. Too often customers think that now that they have a wig, they can just put it on and walk away. Yes, wigs can be pre-styled, but you still need to comb or brush them in a style that suits your face. If you ask someone, a person can be spotted more easily if they are wearing a disheveled wig or a toupee that looks like it just fell on the person’s head. How awful it is. When wearing the wig, be sure to use the ear muffs inside the cap as a guide to where the wig line should go. Nobody has a hairline that touches their eyebrows! At least we hope not. Use your common sense and wear the wig to match where your hair is or was previously. If the wig does not fit your head properly, you may need to adjust the straps inside the cap for a tighter grip or you may need to use tape and glue. Many salons can help you fit a wig properly if you need help. If the wig is stationary