Why Music Mixing Is Just Like Building a House

You build from the bottom up. You start with the foundation of a house before you insert the home windows or the kitchen sink.

Similarly, you start with the building blocks of your mix before you start adding automation and outcomes. Approaching your mix ought to be approached very similarly to building a house.

Start with the foundation and build from underneath up.

Elements of a foundation

In your particular mix you will need to find the element on which everything else is built. รับสร้างบ้าน This is usually the drum-beat, since the drum-system supplies the backbone and rhythm to the song.

It can also be a sustained pad or perhaps a bass line. Whatever the thing is, make sure that it’s the most essential part to making your combine tight and strong. This is why why many engineers begin by mixing the drum-system and bass guitar. They would like to have their blend built from the bottom up before they start incorporating in the decor.

Listen to your song a few times to find out what the foundational element of your mix is. Whether it’s the drum-beat, start there. Whether it’s not, look for the strongest rhythmic instrument.

Low end

Frequency-wise, the low-end is the absolute essential part of making your mix sound best. A thin low-conclusion can compromise an otherwise superb sounding track. Excessive low-end can cloud up the mix and too little bass could make the mix sound weak.

Filter – Filter out precisely what doesn’t must be in the lower frequencies.
Equalization – By notching out competing frequencies between the low end instruments you can create everything sounds clearer.
Side-chaining – You can shrink the relationship between your kick drum and bass guitar by side-chaining the bass guitar to the kick drum. Side-chaining could possibly be the most effective way to make room for instruments in a big blend. It lets two instruments fundamentally play in exactly the same frequency assortment by ducking out of each other way.
Start building

Once you’ve gotten the inspiration in place you’re prepared to start building. A common starting place after dealing with the reduced end and foundation may be the vocal, since it’s such an integral part of the song.

You might want to add the rhythm instruments, like guitars and synths to strengthen the foundation as well. However you do it, just ensure that foundation is built and the low end is steady as a house. Everything after that is just decorating!